Best Organic Coconut Sugar

best organic coconut sugar

Choosing the best organic coconut sugar

When looking for the best organic coconut sugar you should choose one that is:

  • Sustainably harvested
  • Organically grown
  • Supports small farmers

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TIP: Coconut sugar is just as sweet as cane sugar, and can be used one to one in all your recipes!

If you ask someone who is very health conscious about the best sugar substitutes available today, they're likely to turn you in the direction of organic coconut sugar. Not only does coconut sugar offer a number of health benefits, it also doesn't have the same negative health effects that cane sugar does. Coconut sugar is affordable, good for the environment, and tastes like regular sugar!

What's wrong with plain sugar?

It's well-known that people consume sugar in excess. In fact, Americans eat an average of 160 pounds a year. This leads to negative health effects like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and high rates of obesity. Unfortunately, many artificial sweeteners are known health risks as well, and may increase the risk of cancer themselves.

Why is coconut sugar such a good substitute?

Coconut sugar has fewer calories than white sugar, and also is lower on the glycemic index. Coconut sugar is packed with valuable nutrients like potassium, zinc, iron, and magnesium, all minerals that are crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Coconut sugar is high in b-vitamins as well as the carbohydrate inositol, all of which have been shown to be helpful in reducing stress and keeping the mind healthy.

Organic coconut sugar provides all of these benefits while allowing you the comfort of knowing there are no added pesticides or chemicals in your sugar. With the widespread use of chemical fertilizers today, some of which pose a known health risk, this assurance is more important than ever.

What is the best organic coconut sugar?

Due to its meteoric rise in popularity, a number of companies have begun selling organic coconut sugar. Sometimes it's difficult to determine which brands will provide you with high quality and great tasting coconut sugar. Here are some of the more popular brands:

Madhava Blonde Coconut sugar

This sugar is made by a privately owned company that was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1972. The name comes from the Sanskrit for "Born of Light", and the company sells a number of other organic products. Madhava Blonde Coconut Sugar is a good quality coconut sugar with a sweet taste.

Big Tree Farms Sweet Tree Coconut Palm Sugar

This certified organic sugar has sea salt added to it to create an original flavor. The taste of Big Tree Farms is original, and this is a quality coconut sugar, however for those seeking a pure replacement for sugar taste they may find the salt taste a little unwelcome.

Palm Nectar Organics Coconut Sugar

Most organic coconut sugar aficionados will agree that Palm Nectar makes the best organic coconut sugar. This sugar is 100% certified organic and has a very sweet taste that makes it easy to replace sugar on a 1:1 basis. Palm Nectar's coconut sugar provides the sweetness that many customers miss when they buy other brands of coconut sugar. Some describe its taste as a unique mixture of caramel and brown sugar.

Organic coconut sugar is the best available substitute for sugar. If you're going to buy coconut sugar, make sure you buy from the brands that offer the highest quality. The three brands mentioned above all make coconut sugar with great taste and high nutrition, but Palm Nectar Organic Coconut Sugar takes the cake when it comes to taste!

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